Hakan Akbulut

His mother and aunt had seen it from the start. After multiple castings at young age,  the Dutch-Turkish Hakan Akbulut (1991) started fashion modelling for Tony Jones Modelling Management, when he was 18 years old. In 2012 he moved to Istanbul, for six months. He picked up an acting career in multiple Turkish series, like the highschool drama Dinle Sevgili.

Hakan Akbulut liked the adventure, the entertainment and being in the spotlight, but on a photoshoot in Miami, South Beach in 2013 something changed. He noticed the presence of fitness in everyday life and how masculine and attractive it made men look. At that point he was 72 kg, with absolutely no fat, volume or curves. 

For 2 years he worked on his body and in 2015 the transformation was completed. Now he finally looked like the Alpha male he had always been. The reward for his disciplined hard work came quickly. He became ‘Mister Universe Turkey 2015’ and entered a Mister pageant with 41 other world athletes in Dominican Republic. He won again in the category ‘Best Body’ and two years later he achieved the title: Super Model Fitness World. Next to his winnings Hakan has been in magazines all over the world and has worked with internationally acclaimed photographers from Europe, Asia, America and South America. 

Hakan’s impressive transition and hard work make him more than a model. He’s a Professional Fitness model, Nutrition and Motivational coach, Professional Vlogger and Influencer, Actor. He wants to inspire people to follow in his footsteps and feel fit and self-assured. His mission is to help you transform both your body and mind in the quickest possible way!

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